2.3 (64-bit)

Chat with other people via this simple IRC client


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AdiIRC is an IRC client that lets you chat over thousands of chat channels that exist on the network. If you're familiar with these kinds of applications, you won't have any trouble understanding the way it works. If not, you should look for information about what you need to get started. Some details on this can be found on the developer page for this program.

The default configuration in AdiIRC includes two IRC networks in English. To add new networks and servers, you can use the ’ServerList’ option from the ’Server’ menu.

Otherwise, AdiIRC doesn't offer anything new. With it, you can chat with other users, share files, etc. It has Winamp integration, which is interesting, but for that, you have to already have Winamp on your computer.

To install and run AdiIRC, you need to have the Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 routines, libraries, and components installed. You can download it by clicking the name of the program.

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